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Day Care offerings

Monday-Friday only

The Brown Dog running through a field

If you need a place for your dog to spend time during the day while you are at work during the week, we have services you may be interested in! 

We offer a unique day care experience in that we have small groups of 2-5 dogs instead of the typical 15-30 dogs. The dogs play for a while with their friends and then go into their kennel suite by themselves for a while to rest while another group gets let out. We rotate through different small groups during the day so that the ratio of dogs to staff stays small, therefore closer supervision, and the dogs do not get over tired.

If you are interested in our unique day care offerings, please reach out, we would love to speak to you about your pup!


For $32 your dog can stay in an indoor/outdoor suite for the day and play in small groups (2-5 dogs) during the day. We rotate groups throughout the day so that your dog gets play time and rest time to avoid becoming over tired. Your dog must come for a trial day for us to decide whether they are fit to play in groups. You can also add on an enrichment activity if you'd like as well!

Day Boarding

For $25 your dog will have an indoor/outdoor suite for the day to go inside and outside as they please. They will also get let out into the play yard with a staff member at least twice during the day. If you would like your dog to have extra attention or enrichment, you can add any of our enrichment activities to your dog's day care. Please see our Enrichment and Spa page for our full list of options, but popular selections include 10 minutes of individual playtime with a staff member in the play yard, 15 minute on leash enrichment walk on our quiet road, frozen kongs and a 1 hour off site hike.

(please see enrichment and spa page for pricing)

We do not offer half day daycare

If you are still contemplating where to sign your dog up for day care, please visit the Testimonials page.

Daycare packages

We do offer daycare packages for both types of daycare. Packages must be purchased in office and can only be purchased after the dog's trial day if The Brown Dog thinks it is a good fit between both parties. 

10 day play group package - $305 (5% discount)

20 day play group package - $575 (10% discount)

Packages must be used within 3 months of purchase, packages are non-refundable

Inquire in office about individual day boarding package pricing

Health requirements

Vaccinations required: rabies, distemper (DHPP), and bordetella (kennel/canine cough)

A negative fecal test is also required every 6 months. The fecal must be tested for common parasites, but also specifically Giardia.

Your dog must also be on a flea and tick preventative.

Your dog may not attend day care if they are showing any symptoms of communicable disease (coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) within the last 10 days. If your dog exhibits these symptoms while at day care they will be sent home immediately and will not be able to return for 10 days unless a release from a veterinarian is provided. If the dog is having diarrhea at day care, The Brown Dog reserves the right to require a negative fecal before returning to day care regardless of when the last fecal was submitted.

*We strongly recommend giving the kennel cough vaccine every 6 months and having the influenza vaccination, but it is not required*

three dogs playing outside, all white or yellow
three dogs playing outside, one black, two yellow
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