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a clean and bright kennel aisle
a sable German Shepherd laying calmly on her Kuranda dog bed in her kennel suite

Overnight Boarding

Our facility is a newly renovated indoor/outdoor kennel suite facility. 

The inside of the facility is climate controlled with in floor heating. Dogs will be closed in their indoor portion overnight, but have access to their larger outdoor patio during the day while staff is present (weather dependent). All suites are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized once per day and then spot cleaned throughout the day if necessary. Your dog will be let out into the play yard to run and potty with a staff member at least three times per day but please see our Enrichment and Spa page for extra enrichment activities available! Each suite is equipped with a Kuranda elevated dog bed for your dog's comfort.

We have a camera for every suite at the facility so that we can monitor your dog at all times while they are with us. Pop music is played in the kennel during the day and soft, calming instrumental music is played at night and during 'lights out lunch' to encourage sleep and relaxation.

**We provide FREE photo updates!**

What to bring and not to bring!

Please bring your dog's food individually bagged per meal for each meal they will be staying with us for, as well as an extra day worth of meals incase your stay get unexpectedly extended (if they eat different amounts AM and PM, please label AM and PM) and any necessary medications (please bring an extra day worth of medication as well). Please do not bring water or food dishes unless your dog has to eat from a special bowl such as a slow feeder. Large bags of food will not be allowed. If you have an extended stay, you must bring your dog's food in an air tight food storage container and bring your normal scoop. You may bring toys and bedding for your dog if you wish, but it is not necessary. The only bedding allowed is a blanket, no beds. A bed being defined as anything with stuffing. We do recommend bringing a hard chew toy such as a nylabone, benebone or antler to leave in your dog's suite so they do not get bored in their down time. Squeaky toys will not be allowed in your dog's suite and will only be used if you choose to add Individual Playtime on to your dog's stay.

If you pick up during our morning hours, you will not be charged for that day of boarding. If pick up is during our afternoon hours, a full day of boarding will be applied.

Required vaccinations are:

Rabies, distemper (DHPP) and bordetella (kennel/canine cough). A negative fecal, including giardia testing, is due every 6 months. Your dog must also be on a flea and tick preventative. Please upload a copy of your dog's most recent vet records showing the expiration dates for these (for the fecal, we must see the fecal test results, not the expiration) in the 'file uploads' tab once you have registered as a new client. Boarding reservations will not be able to be made through the client portal if vaccines and fecal are not up to date, please contact the office in order to make reservations if everything is not current yet.

*We are currently strongly recommending kennel cough vaccine every 6 months and being vaccinated for influenza, but it is not yet required*

Your dog cannot be boarded if they are showing any symptoms of communicable disease (coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) within 14 days of boarding.

To make a new reservation, click the client portal on the Home page. If you are a new client, click the new client registration on the Home page.

Boarding Deposits are required for every reservation

If you are still contemplating where to board your dog, please visit the Testimonials page for customer feedback.

brown dog with shite chest stares past the camera

Standard Suite


1 dog only

A white yellow lab, The Brown Dog and a yellow lab all sit in a row

Large Suite

$100/night for household pairs

$75/night for a single dog
For 3 small dogs contact for pricing

For holidays, rates will increase by $10/night/dog
2024 Holidays:
Memorial Day (5/23/24-5/28/24)
July 4th (7/3/24-7/8/24)
Labor Day (8/29/24-9/3/24)
Veteran's Day (11/9/24-11/11/24)
Thanksgiving (11/27/24-12/2/24)
Christmas/New Years (12/21/24-1/2/25)

a light tan and white dog face with tongue hanging out
A Golden Retreiver sitting on the road with his tongue hanging out of his mouth
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